More about the changes at FXCharts

By | January 8, 2017
Updates and changes to FXCharts

While we are rolling out the new FXCharts I plan to bring you these updates regularly.

This week some explanation of things to come and why we have introduced logins for our subscribers.

Our intent with the latest changes is to take FXCharts from being a broadcast style site to a more interactive site where members can interact with each other and with the analysts. You may have already noticed that we have added discussion forums and there is a chat session in the sidebar. To avoid spammers we have to restrict access to these areas and that is one of the reasons we have introduced the subscriber login.

If you are an existing subscriber of FXCharts you would have originally signed up with no password. We have now assigned random passwords to everyone so if you haven’t already done so you can access your password by going to the forgotten password link and we will send a link to change your password to the supplied email address. If you aren’t sure about your username, it is your email address.

We are also introducing new content and changing some of the existing content here. The current daily market update will be broken down into sections to make each section easier to read and allow you to concentrate on sections that are relevant.

On a trial basis there is also the new trend table, providing a quick summary of the direction of several currencies, commodities and indices.

We will also soon be introducing more educational content and information on retail trading in general, all aimed at helping you with your trading.

Currently everything on the site (except posting to chat and forums) is available to the public but as part of the introduction of logins we will be separating site content into packages. Some content will remain publicly available with no login required but most will require you to login to access the information. We will also be introducing a premium membership that will give access to the newer content. There will be more about this in the coming weeks as the new content becomes available.

If you have any questions or comments please use the feedback form on the site.

Good luck with your trading