Update on FXCharts changes

By | January 16, 2017
Updates and changes to FXCharts

Not much has changed in the past week while we have been preparing for the next change.

You will have seen some use of chat in the column to the right of screen. If you’re reading using a mobile device then chat may appear at the bottom. We intend to continue making chat available and we encourage you to use it to converse with us or other FXCharts Subscribers. Currently the chat is visible to everyone but you WILL need to log in to contribute to the chat. I’ve made notes about logging in at the bottom of this article. In the coming weeks access to view the chat will also be restricted to logged in users so I encourage you to get your login and password now, again see the notes at the bottom.

One of the items that has been appearing in chat in recent days are occasional trade alerts. Here Jim has been using chat to test out the alerts and gauge reaction. This is where our next change will come. We are moving these trade alerts to a separate menu option and access to the alerts WILL be restricted to subscribers.

We have more to come and much of it will be restricted access so you should be getting your password and account arranged.

Accounts and Passwords

If you have already set up an account and logged in then you’re good to go. This is for anyone who is yet to get access to their account.

When you originally subscribed to FXCharts you only needed to provide your email address. At that time there was no need and no plan to introduce login to the site so there was no need to set up passwords. Now we have a need to protect content and to control spam contributions so we have introduced accounts and logins.

For existing subscribers (anyone receiving the daily email directly from FXCharts) we have created an account for you automatically. Your username is your email address (as used to send the daily newsletter) and we have assigned randomly generated passwords to everyone. The passwords are all encrypted and we have no ability to tell you your password so the best way to login to your account is to request a password reset.

The password reset link is at the bottom of the login screen. To request a reset you only need to supply your login (email address) and we will send you an email with a unique link to reset your password. After that you can select your own password and from there login to your account.

The login form is here.

If you have any questions or comments please use the feedback form on the site.

Good luck with your trading