What’s happening at FX Charts

By | December 23, 2016
Updates and changes to FXCharts

Welcome to the new FX Charts

This site will be ready for use in January 1.

This is the new FX Charts. We’ve made a few changes and we want your feedback to help us continue to make improvements.

  • The site has a new cleaner look and feel. We’ve taken away the clutter to concentrate on the information.
  • There is new content. The daily market analysis is still there but we’re now concentrating on more specific information to help you with your trading
  • We’ve added a forum where our subscribers and our team can discuss topics on trading ideas, strategies and general trading information.

and more to come

  • Chat room
  • Platforms information
  • Trading alerts
  • Trading tools
  • and even more

As I said, the site will be fully live from January 1 but there is still content here now for your to browse. Over the coming week we have a few small things to do to get the site ready for use.

We will be moving our current subscribers from fxchartsdaily.com to fxcharts.net. Once we have that done you will be able to log in to access the forums and other subscriber only content and we will be ready to take new registrations.

We are also upgrading our servers to improve the speed of the site. If you have problems accessing the site before January 1 just wait an hour and try again.

Thanks for visiting us and good luck with your trading